At one time or another, many startup founders will ask themselves any one of, if not all of, the following questions:
“How much cash is in the bank?”
“When will we reach break-even?”
“How can we grow faster?”
Running a startup is often a harrowing journey.

Reid Hoffman, founder of Linkedin, says starting a company is like “jumping off a cliff and assembling an airplane on the way down.”

These days, however, there is a litany of free software tools on the market aimed at making that assembly a little less suspenseful.

When time, and money, is short–where do you start?

Which tools are actually worth exploring?

The only shortcut is the insight and experience gathered from others.

From those that have been there before and seen the end of the movie.

That’s why we asked few startup leaders about the best free software tools they relied on in order to grow. Here is what they said.

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